Totum Sport Nite

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Totum Sport Nite is a 100% natural, isotonic solution

Its unique composition has been shown to be identical to the human body’s internal environment. Totum Sport Nite is directly and slowly absorbed by your cells and is therefore taken in the evening to remineralise and repair your body, whilst you sleep.

This isotonic solution has a gentle, therapeutic effect on the body. It has shown to increase inflammatory markers, supporting your immune system. The gentle balance of electrolytes in Totum Sport Nite contributes to the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, supporting digestive health. Having a healthy gut microbiome has shown to have direct benefits on health and performance.

Every single process in the brain is enhanced with sleep. An entire drainage system hidden in brain cells works at night, whilst we sleep, draining waste matter from the brain. Hydration is essential for flow and circulation. Better hydration, therefore, enhances the beneficial effects of sleep on the brain. The 78 electrolytes in Totum Sport Nite contribute to rebalancing and repairing your cells, prior to sleep. This supports and enhances bodily systems and therefore the positive effects of sleep on the body.

In the 19th century scientists discovered that seawater, when diluted to isotonic water, is identical to the human body’s internal environment. Totum Sport Nite- isotonic seawater, therefore has a therapeutic effect in the body and repairs damaged cells. Restoring the mineral balance is essential to be able to re-establish the internal environment. The mineral composition of Totum Sport Nite helps to restore overall cell function during sleep. Totum Sport Nite regulates the physiological pH by maintaining the optimum acid and hydration levels in the brain and body.


Totum Sport Nite has superior benefits including:

Remineralises the Body
Improves Gut Health
Boosts Immunity
Deeper Brain Sleep
Enhances Cellular Recovery





One sachet of Totum Sport Nite should be taken in the evening at least one hour before bed.