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One of the major problems for elite athletes is muscle cramps, which have massive impacts on performance. Cramp is considered to be a result of various different factors including fatigue, dehydration, low blood sodium and electrolyte imbalances.


Totum Sport is a natural hypertonic solution that addresses each issue by:

- Preventing drop in blood sodium
- Reducing build-up of lactic acid
- Regulating energy metabolism

Increasing sweat rates contributing to dehydration and fatigue (both physical and mental) is a key factor at play. Fatigue occurs temporarily after short intense periods and towards the end of the competition/training. Fatigue is a risk factor for injury as a lot of non-contact injuries occur during the latter stages of play.

Dehydration can also increase the risk of muscle cramp and injury. This is because as the blood thickens from dehydration, it moves slower, therefore not reaching the muscles in time. Maintaining hydration in the body and connective tissue increases elasticity of the muscles so that the risk of muscle cramp and resultant injury decreases.


Research shows that dehydration can make the pain you’re experiencing feel worse

This is because when you are dehydrated, water goes straight to your brain, heart and vital organs to keep you alive as opposed to your tissues and joints.

This can contribute to painful inflammation as the tissues and joints stiffen and waste products such as lactic acid build up.

19 time Grand Slam winner, Rafael Nadal, has been using Totum Sport to overcome persistent cramping throughout his career. The addition of Totum Sport to Nadal’s nutrition plan has helped to support his recovery and fight off cramping for years, and is a staple of his routine.

Totum Sport prevents the drop in blood sodium that contributes significantly to cramp and muscle injuries. Studies have shown that Totum Sport reduces the build-up of lactic acid by 46%. This helps prevent muscle fatigue so the athlete remains strong throughout and performance is not hindered. When there is a build up of lactic acid, there is a risk of physical fatigue, muscle soreness and cramping, all of which impact performance.



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