isn’t as simple as you think

It’s far more complex than that - but as the world’s most authentic science solution of its kind, we at Totum Sport like to keep your conditioning really simple.


The best place to start to try and explain the complexities of your body and how it responds to complete hydration is this:

The higher intracellular water you have, the better heat is dissipated. The more hydrated your cells are, the better they can prepare your body to do more intense work. This means that you are best prepared for a higher level of physical and mental activity.

Totum Sport is not like the huge range of inferior products out there that boast of containing a few electrolytes. These inferior brands wrongly claim they can improve your conditioning and circulation, without giving you the full complement of electrolytes required.

Totum Sport supports all aspects of hydration in all compartments of the body through providing all 78 electrolytes you need for complete and total hydration.

A lot of so-called sports hydration products boast about providing a tiny number of elements, such as sodium, potassium and chloride. What they never tell you is why they don’t give you all 78 electrolytes that you lose through sweat, breath, and metabolism.

The only way to restore full hydration is to replace every electrolyte not just a few - the only product that naturally provides all of these is Totum Sport.

Our solution is 100% natural. It is the only product that hosts all 78 electrolytes at sufficient concentrations to enable cells to hold and manage your water that has been consumed, to better hydrate your circulation.

Because Totum Sport contains all 78 bioavailable electrolytes in the correct proportions, your cells are best prepared to increase water influx and hold onto it. This results in sustained cellular hydration.


Make your water work correctly

Status of dehydration can have a range of detrimental effects in sports performance.

Mild dehydration can offset electrolyte balance in the body and brain. This can impact brain structure, causing confusion and poor focus. Studies show that being 2% dehydrated results in a 10% loss in performance. The more dehydrated you become, the greater the reduction in performance. By the time you feel thirsty, it is too late to fully replenish during your performance.

Complete hydration is only possible by the presence of all 78 electrolytes in the right proportions and in a bioavailable form. The increase in cellular water supports energy metabolism beyond just maintaining glucose delivery. Totum Sport is the only hydration product that supports circulation and cellular hydration for maximum benefits.

The 78 electrolytes in Totum Sport:

  • Supports a higher level of metabolism
  • Preserve blood glucose
  • Delay the switch to anaerobic metabolism, reducing lactate production and helping to minimise muscle fatigue/injury.



Hydrate and energise your body to go further



Mineralise your body while you sleep