In the 1980s, the complex interactions between 29 electrolytes were identified. Similar interactions between different nutrient groups have also been found, demonstrating the complex nature of nutrition and why all nutrients must be considered together.


It is the electrolytes that link all the different nutrient groups together

Only Totum Sport covers all these bases as it contains all 78 electrolytes.

It is impossible for individual electrolytes to be absorbed and work optimally on their own. Looking at the above wheel which indicates the interactions between 29 electrolytes, it is clear that supplementing with an excess of sodium will result in throwing calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc out of balance, which can increase blood pressure, cause cramp and undermine stamina.

Likewise, excess magnesium will affect the efficiency of manganese, sodium, lead, phosphorus and calcium and can contribute to abdominal cramping and digestive upsets. It is impossible to calculate all the ramifications of unbalanced supplementation. The only way to avoid these unpredictable reactions is to take a solution that has all 78 electrolytes present in a bioavailable form and in the right proportions.


Whilst there are sound reasons why all electrolytes should be present, the same complexity of interactions also dictate that all electrolytes must be present in the correct proportions.

Creating problems with how the body can use electrolytes is a certainty if one or a few electrolytes are consumed in isolation and similarly if elements are provided in the wrong ratios.

All electrolytes interact with one another, and each one relies on at least 20 other electrolytes for it to be absorbed and work effectively.



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