A key ingredient to Galway's stunning success

Galway hurling captain, and the man who lifted last year’s Liam MacCarthy Cup, David Burke, has revealed that a key ingredient to the Tribesmen’s All-Ireland success has been down to a new outlook in the area of hydration and recovery.

Totum Sport is a revolutionary new brand in hydration for all sports athletes and is the brainchild of Galway businessman and CEO of Cellnutrition Sport, John Kelleher. It is used by a host of international stars, including 17-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal.

The supplement has been revealed by David Burke as a key factor in the reduction of fatigue cramp, since the Galway hurlers started using the 100% Atlantic Ocean seawater supplement at the beginning of their All Ireland winning season, last year.

John Hynes speaks about Totum Sport’s winning partnership with Galway

Following their success in 2017, Galway GAA has now introduced the supplement – to the Senior footballers, as well as the Minor and U21 hurlers, all with incredible results this season.

David Burke today hailed his side’s two-season use of Totum Sport, which he said has been a “brilliant” addition to the daily routine of the Galway Hurling squad, before and after matches.

“We have been using ‘Totum Sport’ for quite some time now, and I feel myself that using it helps me, especially with muscle cramp,” said the All-Star winner.

“Because I play in midfield, I am always moving and covering ground in matches, and when I use it every day, it helps that level of prevention of fatigue during games especially, and in training.

“I’ve benefited from using Totum for the last 18 months to two years, and I haven’t looked back. It’s been brilliant, and that’s not just me, the whole panel find it very useful.”

He added that the reigning All-Ireland Champions were “thrilled to have Totum Sport on board”.

David Burke shares his experiences with Totum Sport

Galway Team Dietician Maeve Gacquin declared that she was “delighted” with the benefits of Totum Sport on the players, for the second season in a row, which she explained plays a vital role in the key area of hydration, which is directly linked to performance.

“One of the most important areas in performance nutrition is hydration, which is key in the areas of stamina, concentration levels, speed and strength,” she explained.

“(Since we started using Totum Sport) we find the players hydration is now better and that improves all of those areas.

Gacquin added that confidence in the product meant everything to her: “When we know that we are confident in our products, that they are safe and that they don’t have any banned substances, that is obviously hugely important for us and we’re delighted to have that.”

CEO of Galway GAA John Hynes said today: “Galway GAA is delighted to be associated with a local company and a local businessman, John Kelleher.

“Totum Sport has added a new dimension to our players, on the field of play, and also in training. Since we started using the product two years ago, we have noticed a marked improvement in the performance of our players, particularly how they finish off games.

As a result of the Galway hurlers satisfaction with the supplement during last year’s All Ireland championship-winning run, Galway GAA expanded the supply deal to cater for the senior footballers and most under age teams, in what has been a remarkable year for Galway teams.

Galway’s Dietician Maeve Gacquin

Research for ‘Totum Sport’ proves that by supplementing with the full spectrum of bioavailable electrolytes, in the right proportions, athletes significantly reduce lactate production.

According to ‘Totum Sport’ Head of Science, Roger Meacock, “when Totum Sport is used as we recommend, we guarantee that it delivers superior hydration, stabilises blood glucose and significantly reduces blood lactate levels”.

A research paper published in the Biology of Sport Journal showed that ‘Totum Sport’ reduces the build-up of lactic acid by 46%.

Consequently, it reduces the risk of cramps and muscle injuries and maintain speed and strength for maximum performance, for longer.

The performance research also proves that ‘Totum Sport’ significantly delays the switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism, so glucose is used much more efficiently.

A wide range of electrolytes are already recognised for their role in energy metabolism, so supplementing with the full spectrum of elements maximises athletic efficiency and performance, the Totum Sport promoters maintain.

Mineral interdependency is key, according to Cellnutrition Sport Chief Executive, John Kelleher, who says that electrolytes do not work in isolation, but rely the presence of other minerals and trace elements to deliver complete hydration and all its benefits.