Take A Hike This Mountain Day

It was Dag Hammerskjold who so aptly wrote, “Never measure the height of a mountain until you reach the top. Then you will see how low it was.” What a beautiful metaphor for life. If the hills and craggy mountain tops are a little out of reach, it might just be time to take a hike. Hiking is a wonderful low intensity work-out. It fills your lungs with clean air, brings you back down to earth as you start to see just how small you are in comparison and if you’re really lucky you’ll see the extra in the ordinary and the magic in the mundane.  

The hills are indeed alive with the sound of music, all you need to do is get there and listen. Here are a few basic tips to ensure you experience the majesty in all its spender. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, getting out and in the mountains is always an adventure. The wild world of trees, dirt, forest animals, rocks and waterfalls have an unbeatable way of helping us find our inner Zen.

Want to take a hike? We’re all for it.  

Follow these tips to maximise the experience:  

  • Wear good quality boots that will support the ankle. Natural breathable socks work wonders too. Be sure to have walked your shoes in before the hike.  
  • Choose a comfortable backpack with wide straps that won’t cut into your shoulders for maximum comfort. 
  • Wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing including a hat. Be sure to pack a light jumper especially if you plan to head home while the sun is setting. 
  • Apropos, plan your route carefully and stick to the paths. They’re there for a reason and to keep you safe.  
  • Take sunscreen and don’t be shy to use it. You might also want to invest in a good Dermo Spray to help remineralise your skin and protect it from burning while walking. Checkout Cellnutrition Quinton Dermo Skin Spray which will keep your skin in great condition, hydrated and healthy while outdoors.  
  • Be sure to take some food with you. A fresh delicious orange, dried fruit and nuts and perhaps throw in a protein bar for good measure. 
  • Water. A canteen of water is just the ticket. Our top tip is to pop it into the freezer overnight to ensure that its cool and refreshing during the hike. 
  • Prone to allergies? A great, all-natural nasal spray might be just the ticket. Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray is suitable for frequent use, maintaining the defensive integrity of your mucosa as an effective barrier to infections that would otherwise gain entry and stress the immune system.
  • Wet wipes and towels are a wonderful addition to any hiker’s backpack. It gets sweaty and sticky out there. We kindly ask you to leave no footprint and bring what you used back with you.  
  • Consider packing a few sachets of Totum Sport, an all-natural hypertonic solution that provides complete hydration, reduces muscle injuries, helps eliminate cramps and is shown to enhance and stamina.  
  • You might also want to invest in a little bottle of Citronella Essential Oil which has been proven to be a wonderful and natural bug repellent.  
  • And finally, take a compass. Log where you started and the direction you headed to make it easy to find your way back if the adventure leads you to awesome and uncharted territory. 

    If you’re in the USA, Totum Sport just loves the pristine hiking offered by the Smokey Mountains Red Rock Canyon, Catskill Mountains, Zion National Park and Yosemite. 

    National Mountain Day was started by Smith College, Massachusetts, back in1877 when it allowed students to take a day off to mingle with nature. Classes are cancelled and various outdoor activities on campus or at a nearby park are encouraged to connect the students to valuable resources of life. Mountains matter for wellbeing.   

    Happy hiking from all of us at Totum Sport 

    • Aug 10, 2020
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