Winner of ‘Men’s Health’ prestigious LAB Approved Awards

Totum Sport has been named as the Winner of ‘Men’s Health’ prestigious LAB Approved Choice for Supplements.

Totum Sport has been named as the Winner of ‘Men’s Health’ prestigious LAB Approved Choice for Supplements (Cardio). Our solution was judged by the editors of ‘Men’s Health’ and its sister tile ‘Runner’s World’ as the very best stamina supplement available.

Totum Sport scored maximum points under the Performance criteria, securing an incredible ‘Overall Winner’ score of 95/100. So don’t just take our word for it - we prefer when someone else talks us up - especially the world’s most influential fitness publication. The tests were carried out by Men’s Health and the Editors of its sister title Runners World on a range of athletes over hundreds of miles, through which performance and stamina was measured with Totum Sport coming out at the very top.

Men's Health said: “Aqua alone doesn’t solve the problem of dehydration. Totum Sport is a natural supplement that works to replace lost electrolytes and ensures total hydration. Purportedly, this minimises fatigue, boosts endurance, reduces muscle cramping and even strengthens immunity.”

The experts verdict: “Each easy-to-open sachet of the hypertonic liquid has 78 essential salts and minerals, harvested from beneath plankton blooms in nutrient-dense areas of the ocean. Aside from aiding hydration, Totum preserves glucose levels and delays the switch to anaerobic metabolism, reducing lactate production.”

  • Aug 29, 2019
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