HWPO: Hard Work Pays Off with CrossFit

Before anything, I am a father of three amazing children who I am privileged to call my family. They are my driving force and their presence in my life keeps me grounded, going, grateful and humble. Children are enriching and indeed life’s great educators. If you want the truth, ask a child, their innocence and naivety help shift perspective. It was because of them that I’m my fittest me today.  

I started my journey with CrossFit in December 2015. I was grossly overweight, lived a sedentary lifestyle and my health was at severe risk because I was so overweight. A desk bound job as an Art Director, coupled with stress which I call the silent killer, and a few personal issues all contributed to my lacklustre self-esteem. I tried to fill the void with food. It was time for an attitude adjustment which is exactly what I did. I turned my biggest weakness to my strength and found a happy balance between being desk bound and gym bound. Today, I am proudly both an Art Director and a Personal Trainer.  

I have reached my goals as far as being in shape and weight loss are concerned. However, as a CrossFit fanatic I realise I will never achieve every goal I set out because the posts are always shifting and that is the beauty of the sport. You are your own biggest competitor. All you have to do is be better than you were yesterday and that’s all that counts.  

I train throughout the day and am driven by three mottos which I call on when I feel I can’t. First, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Second, hard work pays off, the HWPO that was coined by four times CrossFit Champion Matt Fraser. Third, by the grace of God.  


I train purely to push myself. To lift more or run faster. I train to compete with myself on a daily basis. Watching my food and sleep recovery to see what works or doesn’t work. I am passionate about bringing my transformation and my story to others. To help them. I have had a few big curve balls thrown at me since my journey began but have stayed on track no matter what. I believe there is a formula to staying on track and that is what makes me unique as a coach. 

Since I started using Totum Sport I noticed a big difference to my training regime. It helps hugely with cramping and aids in my recoveryI rely on Totum Sport and Totum Sport Nite to help me train harder and faster. I lose a tremendous amount of fluid during a workout and will often take Totum Sport before and after a workout and then Totum Sport Nite just before bedtime. Totum Sport Nite also really helps me sleep much better and more deeply. They are all round great supplements and have become part of my workout and healthy lifestyle regime. 


There are no excuses not to train. That’s the truth. I train in a CrossFit box, home-garage gym, on the track, on the road and in the ocean. I train anywhere from two to three times a day, seven days a week. Honestly, I do not know how I balance it all. Most days start at 4:30am and end at 10:00pm. I guess I make the time because I know that it’s worth the effort and is the ultimate expression of self-care.  

To anyone looking to start-out, I always say start. You only have one life. No upgrades or trade-ins. You have one body. Love, respect and honour it. Trust the process. You will fall, you will fail. Get up, dust yourself off, be grateful for the lesson and move on. Yesterday is yesterday. Embrace the now! Stay focused and stick to the programme.  

  • Aug 14, 2020
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