How to Boost your Immune System
We live in very uncertain and worrying times but that shouldn’t encourage panic.
With so much talk and news bulletins dedicated to viruses and diseases there has never been more of an increased need to pay attention to our health and immunity.


Our body’s immune system is life’s own protection mechanism, so how do you strengthen this essential tool to have it best prepared to fend off prevalent illnesses.  

There are immediate steps that we can take to improve our immunity: 
  • Hydration
  • Sleep
  • Nutrient
  • Sunlight
  • Stress relief
  •  Exercise

 Improvements and exposure to all of the above will help to support and strengthen your immune system.  

Boosting your immune system can help you to fight off infections and increase your ability to manage symptoms if they arise.

 What actions can we take to boost our immune system?

1.     Wash your hands frequently especially when travelling, after using gym equipment and after exercise classes

2.     Ensure you drink plenty of fluids and consume the full spectrum of electrolytes throughout the day, especially after exercising

3.     Reduce levels of stress with meditation, yoga and gentle exercise 

4.     Ensure adequate consumption of various nutrients including micronutrients, polyphenols and vitamin D  

How does hydration support immunity? 

Water makes up 70% of the human body. Even slight dehydration can impact on the body. Hydration is essential to metabolism, electrolyte balance and cellular homeostasis.  

 How do micronutrients support immunity?  

The maintenance and optimal functioning of immune cells depend on adequate nutrient intake.

When nutrient needs are not met, immune defences can be impaired, increasing susceptibility to illness and infection.    

If you already have an infection, micronutrient requirements increase.    

Certain micronutrients including iron, zinc and selenium influence the risk and severity of infections, therefore if we are lacking these essential elements there is an increased risk and severity of the infection.   

Whilst these elements each carry out their functions, due to the synergistic relationships that occur between minerals and trace elements, each one requires at least 20 other elements to be absorbed and work to its full effect.    

 How does exercise support immunity? 

Exercise helps stimulate immune cells and studies show a clear relationship between moderate exercise and risk of illness.

Whilst moderate exercise supports our immune system, training at high intensities can have a negative effect. It is therefore essential to ensure hydration and nutrient needs are met when training to ensure progression.

How can Cellnutrition Sport help? 

Our science solutions Totum Sport and Totum Sport Nite are the only 100% natural sports supplement that can provide the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements that your body’s cells require. The full complement of minerals and trace elements enable each one to be absorbed and work to its full effect.

We harvest Totum Sport and Totum Sport Nite from the most mineral dense places on earth - 30M beneath pristine plankton blooms in the ocean. We then double cold micro-filter the bioavailable minerals and trace elements to ensure that we are getting the purest, highest quality minerals. No additives, preservatives, flavourings or artificial sweeteners have been added to Totum sport and Totum Sport Nite.   

The concentrated source of minerals and trace elements in Totum Sport and Totum Sport Nite are in a fully bioavailable form so that they are easily absorbed by your cells.   

What is the difference between Totum Sport and Totum Sport Nite?  

Totum Sport Nite is a gentle, therapeutic solution that has been shown to mirror our internal terrain. This provides cells with the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements in a concentration that works in harmony with the body. It is slowly absorbed by the cells and has been shown to aid white blood cell function, aiding immunity.

Due to the unique concentration and composition of minerals and trace elements in Totum Sport Nite it is suitable for those of all ages, including those who are pregnant and breastfeeding. It should be taken neat for maximum absorption and efficacy. It is recommended to consume Totum Sport Nite in the evening to aid repair and deeper brain sleep.  

Totum Sport has a higher concentration, of 100%. It is therefore rapidly absorbed by the cells. The high concentration of elements in Totum Sport enables hydration at the cellular level, as water is brought into the cell and held there.

By supporting hydration at the cellular level, this supports many body functions including stronger immunity. It is best taken neat, 15 minutes before exercise or first thing in the morning before breakfast.  Making Totum Sport and Totum Sport Nite should be made of your training programme to support your immune system and enable you to progress in your sport.

These effective tools which strengthen immunity can also support other aspects of health including weight management, mental health and reduced risk disease.  

Having preventive tools in place can also reduce the severity of symptoms associated with catching a virus or infection.   

If you require medical advice, please consult with your doctor. 



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