Celebrating the Sea this World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day was started by the United Nations post its Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It was created to shine the spotlight on the vital role that the Oceans play to our continued survival. It falls on the 8th of every June. We’re celebrating too because without the Ocean we’d not be able to keep your body’s cells fitter for longer. Modern diets are nutrient poor. The nutrients we need still comes from our Seas. All 78 trace elements and minerals so perfectly packaged in one little recyclable Cellnutrition Quinton Ampoule. 

Earth is referred to as the Blue Planet because more than 70% of it is covered in water while almost 97% of that water is held in our Oceans. And, water is a very rare commodity in our solar system.  

The Oceans play a pivotal role in our continued survival and wellbeing. Because of its water, Earth is home to millions of species of fauna and flora. They regulate our climate and control rainfall and droughts. They produce more than two-thirds of the Oxygen in our atmosphere while absorbing Carbon Dioxide from it. The Sea is also is a vital source of nutrition and health for every being on this planet. It makes our Earth inhabitable and it does so much more.

Seawater differs from fresh water.  No surprises there. It contains significantly higher amounts of
 essential minerals and trace elements needed for cellular vitality. The systematic use of seawater and sea-based products as a form of therapy and healing, dates to remote antiquity including ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman eras who all practiced thalassotherapy.  

This was the basis on which Rene Quinton, a French Physiologist based his studies some 120 years ago. He understood that seawater healed and dived deeper to understand why. With his Law of Marine Constancy, he demonstrated that we not only evolved from the sea but that for evolving organisms to successfully leave the Oceans, they had to take this life supporting seawater solution with them. He concluded that the body’s internal terrain evolved from the sea itself.

“We are truly a living marine aquarium in which some billion cells are swimming”
– Rene Quinton

This is the premise on which Cellnutrition was formed. Through his research, Quinton discovered a plankton bloom vortex in the Atlantic Ocean. It was here that he discovered how beneficial phytoplankton was to the environment and the human body. These microscopic organisms release a mix of nutrient rich bioactive minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids and free-radical fighting antioxidants into the water which continue to keep our bodies and its cells fitter, healthier and more hydrated for longer. He referred to it as Marine Plasma. It was later known simply as Quinton.

It was this mineral rich marvel that led to the development of the proprietary 100% natural, safe and vegan friendly 
Cellnutrition Quinton product ranges. We are proud to say that our products are harvested from the same plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean today. The healing power of Poseidon lingers in every drop. 

With respect and honour for the bounty provided by our Deep Blue, we tilt our hats and raise our glasses to our Oceans and to Rene Quinton. The Thalassophile in us, recognises the Thalassophile in you.  

Our products are backed-up not only by the research of this trailblazer but also by innovative and exact science. Cellnutrition has worked to perfectly balance the correct amounts of all 78 minerals and trace elements into bioavailable solutions required by the 100 trillion cells in every human body for optimum cellular resilience, fitness and overall wellbeing.   

To find the pearls in life’s ocean, you must venture out far past its shore. Thank you, Rene Quinton, for leading the way.

  • Jun 08, 2020
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